Tutorials + Multiple Characters + Servers

Hi again,
this is sort of 3 topics in one.
The First:

This would be a help to the new players (Like Me!) who don't fully understand the game.
I'm not saying that these are needed, but would improve many players's experiences.

The Second:
Multiple Characters/Save Slots
This, again is not necessary, but means that we don't have to create a new account every time we want a fresh start.

Last, But Not Least:
I know that this game is a free one run alongside a fulltime job, but private servers or LAN Support would be great for Youtubers and Groups of friends.

Like I said, don't want to overwork you and all the best with the career and game, but these ideas may make it better for all (or make it a burning hell. Lets hope for the First ;) )
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Re: Tutorials + Multiple Characters + Servers January 7th, 2014, 11:58 pm by Mike
Thanks for the suggestions!

That's something that will have to be added down the line, but as the game is still going to change a ton I'd prefer to either:
a) Have a youtuber make a video that I can link to *hint* *hint*
b) Wait until the game is more set in stone so I don't have to redo the tutorial whenever I change something

Multiple Characters:
While the accounts are free I don't mind people creating several accounts, but when an account will cost money I think you should be able to create one character per server.

I kept own servers into account when I created the game so the server is (almost) completely stand alone already. I could therefore quite easily share it with for people to run their own servers. The two things that keep me from doing it is:
1. If the server is free to download the game is going to be incredibly easy to upload to pirate bay once I start trying to make some money on it.
2. I'd need to spend time on upgrades for the server software to support all servers as well as do changes to the launcher so it has version control. Time I'd prefer to spend on other parts of the game.
It is probably a path I will travel once there are more players (the current server is running on a normal computer in my house so it's not the most scalable system).

Keep the suggestions coming! :) I made a post with some things that I'll consider adding in the future if you are interested http://stateoffortune.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5 Maybe you already saw it but I had put tutorials on there so I wasn't sure.

I'm currently busy with much higher quality textures and they will hopefully be online somewhere next week. After that I'll do another bug/performance sweep before adding more features.

Kind regards,
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